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Thank you for visiting my website! It is still a work in progress so feel free to visit often as the galleries and images will change with each new project or adventure.

My Story

Growing up in a rural environment, I had an early connection to and love of the natural world and wildlife. It was my passion for wildlife that triggered a desire to share this relationship with others through photography. I hope that my images in some small way create a connection between the viewer and the animals.


The connection we make with wildlife can be seen as the glint in the eye of a wolf, the playfulness of African wild dogs with their pups, the bonding of a mother cheetah grooming her young or the stealth of a lionesses as she stalks an unsuspecting sable.

I find it fascinating to experiment with photographic techniques that help bring the viewer of an image into the animal’s world. This can be achieved by capturing the splash of a bear fishing for salmon, the ice encrusting a bison calf in a driving snowstorm, a dust cloud at sunset created by a herd of elephants or the intentional blur of a bird’s wings.

Professional photographer Alvis Lazarus sums up wildlife photography this way:

“Hidden behind each wildlife image are those years of perseverance, months of travel, days of preparation and hours of patience; all these to capture the wonders of wildlife within [a] split second! How exciting, isn’t it?”

-Alvis Lazarus


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